Démo GPS N’djamena Tchad

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Les cartes Navmek sont disponibles sur Amazon

Navmek annonce la disponibilité en précommande ses nouvelles cartes GPS au format microSD/SD :

Pour les GPS Garmin de navigation routières:


Pour les GPS Garmin de Randonnée :






Pour plus d’informations ou pour précommander Les Cartes GPS Navmek, rendez-vous sur www.amazon.fr.
Les Cartes GPS Navmek sont expédiées par Amazon.

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Navmek announces the expansion of its product range !

Navmek announced the expansion of its new range of GPS maps for Central Africa for road navigation and topographic data (hiking and outdoor activities) versions available for download and microSD / SD.

Central Africa GPS Maps 1.00.2013


Central Africa GPS Map provides detailed road maps of 7 countries (Cameroon, Chad, Republic of Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, Sao Tomé) and boasts thousands of points of interest throughout the region.

Topo Maps

Available for download and microSD / SD :

– Topo Map Cameroon
– Topo Map Congo
– Topo Map Gabon
– Topo Equatorial Guinea & Sao Tomé
– Topo Map Central African Républic
– Topo Map Chad

These products include topographic database of each country, and routable data for the entire region of Central Africa including the points of interest in urban and rural areas.

See More Informations about products features in www.navmek.com

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Dépliant Navmek

Navmek Flyers Cameroun

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Meilleurs voeux 2013!!!

Navmek vous souhaite ses Meilleurs voeux 2013!!!


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